I had no idea what this was, but now I'm intrigued to see it live.

Have you heard of Mud Bogging? If you're like me and totally clueless, a quick Google search will help you out. According to the very reliable Wikipedia, Mud Bogging is a popular off-road Motorsport.

Vehicles will race through a muddy track and through a mud pit. Whoever makes it the furthest is deemed the winner. For all you Mud Bogging pros, you can correct this as much as it needs to be.

You can catch Mud Bogging live here in the Hudson Valley. After the huge success last year, it's back. The 2nd Annual Mud Bog at the Warwick Drive-In will be held this year on June 10.

Jeeps are of course welcome, but trucks are also allowed.

It's $20 per person, which includes access to the event and the movies that will be playing that night.

If you would like to participate in Mud Bogging, as a driver and/or passenger, at the Warwick Drive-In you must fill out a liability form which can be found here.

Alcohol is not permitted at the event and if you are seen with it, you will be asked to leave.

For more details visit the official Mud Bogging at the Warwick Drive in Facebook Page.

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