A popular Youtuber was challenged to spend the night in the most haunted house in the world which is located right here in the Hudson Valley.

Did he survive?!

Mr. Beast's Latest Challenge Takes Place in The Hudson Valley

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Over the weekend we learned that Burn Brea Mansion in Glen Spey, New York welcomed a special guest. They announced that Latin America's most popular Youtuber, Fede Vigevani, would be spending the night alone in their Bed and Breakfast.

Vigevani was challenged by Youtuber and philanthropist Mr.Beast at the beginning of the year to spend a night by himself at Burn Brea, so what's the big deal? Staying the night alone with a Bed and Breakfast to yourself sounds pretty fantastic, right?


Well, according to the staff and previous guests of Burn Brea Mansion...the place is haunted.

Most Popular Latin American Youtuber Visits Burn Brea Mansion

According to HypeAuditor.com, Fede Vigevani has 39.7 million subscribers on YouTube and in the last 30 days has had over 10 million views on his videos. That doesn't include his followers on Instagram (8.2 million) and TikTok (21.4 million).

His following makes him the most popular YouTuber in Latin America.

Fede has been trying to get Mr. Beast's attention with DM's recently and right after the new year, Mr. Beast responded. As we all know, Mr. Beast is known for throwing out challenges to celebs, influencers, and everyday people, and in turn whoever completes the challenge usually wins some sort of extravagant prize.

Most of the time it's an absurd amount of cash or fancy cars. We're not sure if this challenge has a monetary value, but it sure does have a spooky one.

With that being said, Mr. Beast challenged Fede to stay the night, all alone, at the Haunted Burn Brea Mansion.

Was he able to complete the task?  Watch below:

Would you be able to stay the night alone in a haunted  Hudson Valley mansion?

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