Do you have any advice for this Dad?

It's Wednesday and time for our "We Gotcha Wednesday Email", every Wednesday Jess and I read one of the many emails we get from people that are looking for a little help with something and if your a parent, you might be able to help out this dad.

Yes, I understand that Mother's Day is past but Father's Day is coming up next month and this dads question could be helpful for single parents. He wrote:

"I was married to my wife for 10 years, and we had two children together, two boys. I know next weekend is Mother’s Day, but it’s my weekend to have the boys, and I think I should get to keep them. She wants to take them to breakfast with her mom, and then go shopping. THEY”RE BOYS! They do NOT want to go to lunch and then have a day of shopping. I want to take them camping next weekend to do some fishing and grilling over the fire. Boys prefer that. Our boys are 7 and 11, and I think they would rather get the weekend to hang out with me. My ex-wife thinks since it’s Mothers Day I should let them stay with her It’s important for boys to spend more time with their dad, than their mom no matter what the holiday is.

Shouldn’t my ex-wife let our boys stay with me?"

As a single dad, I have always gone by the rule that the kids should be with Mom on Mother's Day and with Dad on Father's Day. Right? What do you guys think? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a quick comment on Facebook.

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