On Monday when you get to work if you notice your co-workers are slightly underdressed it could be the results of National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. I will be the first person to admit that a dress down day at work is perfect. But pajamas? That may border on "TMI". Let's face it the days of good looking pajamas has come and gone. The "Night Gown" has become an oversized t-shirt with sweat pants or worse the onesie.

We all have co-workers who may be fashioned challenge. I am often the one you are thinking about at this exact second. I don't always realize what I have put together in the morning as a so called outfit. There is something to be said for laying out your clothes the night before.

Anyway according to the National Day Calendar people April 16th was pick As National Wear Your PJ's to Work Day because it was the day after tax day. The idea is to unwind and relax. And actually because April 15th (tax day) is Sunday this year we get an extra day to file plus Patriot's Day falls on Monday the 16th this year so you get one more day on top of that so feel free to celebrate by wearing your pajamas to work Monday or Tuesday or even Wednesday for the matter.

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