When you were younger did you ever feel that Mom was hiding all the good snacks?

I can remember a few times when I was younger, my Mom would be watching TV and I would notice that she was eating cookies or something good and I would go into the kitchen to try and find the treat and always couldn't. Why? Because she was hiding them in places only she knew about and according the New York Post, she wasn't alone.

They say that two thirds of moms hide the really good snacks to avoid sharing them with their partner and children.

The most common snacks they're hiding are chips, candy, cookies, fruit, nuts, popcorn, crackers, ice cream and pretzels. Did your mom hide all the good stuff when you were a kid? Are you a mom or dad that hides snacks now? Let us know on Facebook and if your wondering what are the most popular places to hide treats, moms say there favorite secret snack spots are in the car and in bed.

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