We are excited to once again celebrate Marbletown, New York as our hometown of the week. Fun fact Marbletown for a brief minute was the Capital of New York.

According to Wikipedia Marbletown served as our state capital briefly following the burning of Kingston by the British during the revolutionary war. If you have ever traveled on Route 213 or 209 south out of Kingston you have driven right through this Ulster County town. It covers about 55 square miles and has both the Rondout and Esopus creeks running through it.

Where to Eat in Marbletown New York

The last time we named Marbletown our Hometown of the week with our local Hometown Stewarts Shops we learned that  The Roost located at 3542 Main St, Stone Ridge which is a Hamlet of Marbletown has the best chicken and waffles. We also found out about a lot of celebrities that call this town home.


Where is Marbletown, New York?

Some places you might want to discover in Marbletown include Lydia's Cafe and Bar right on Route 209. They offer breakfast Lunch and Dinner plus live music. The Marbletown Animal Hospital is a very special group that will help take care of your pets in all stages of their life. And let's not forget The Den of Marbletown A Teddy Bear Museum just waiting for you to stop in to see their collection.


How Many People Live in Marble Town?

According to the census in 2020 Marbletown has a population of just over 5600. Turns out that even though it is a small town it is also popular with many famous people. So some of those 5000-plus people may be celebrities you can spot around town.

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