It all happened in New York City.

If you ever happened to throw out something of value, I hope that it turns out this way.

According to the Daily News, Shannon Lombardo recently threw out her wedding ring and her engagement ring.

She put them in a paper towel after she cleaned them, and threw it in the trash and when she finally realized what had happened the trash was already picked up from her building. So she figured they were gone for ever.

That was until she called the sanitation department and asked if there was anything they could do to help her and they told her to go to a processing center in New Jersey where they store trash before it goes to a landfill.

She and her husband went and workers at the center were able to pinpoint which garbage truck picked up their trash, and narrowed it down to a pile of 800 bags.

After about an hour of searching, one of the workers found the rings!

Have you ever thrown out something of value? Did you find it or is it gone forever? Let us know in the comment section below and be listing forl your comments on the air.

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