Thanks to a Facebook post shared by Halloween Style, I now know about Ghost Apples. No it is not the latest terror TV show or even a new horror film. It actually is a pretty cool result of a not so great weather event. It actually is an awesome example of Mother Nature's ability to create art. Halloween Style shared a post from Meteorologist Tyler Sebree which contained a photo which he took after an ice storm in Michigan.

Tyler even explains in the post how the freezing temperature difference between apples and water causes the apples to turn to mush and fall away leaving this spooky yet fascinating apple attached to trees. Now believe me I am not wishing for a Hudson Valley Spring ice storm in any way shape or form, but if we were to have one I would definitely want to search out local ghost apples.

The Hudson Valley is famous for it's fall apple season. Local farms such as Barton Orchards, Weeds OrchardsMinard's Family Farm, Wrights Farm, Hurds Family Farm and Dubois Farms are some of my favorite places to pick apples when they are in season. Late winter cold weather and ice can effect the the fall harvest so I am going to hope we don't experience a Ghost Apple event in New York this Spring.

A Meteorologist from Sparta Michigan named Tyler Sebree took these photo after an ice storm. Pretty cool example of art in nature but not so fun for the apple growers.

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