You have been home for the last 8 weeks which has possibly lead to you getting a head start on the spring cleaning around the house and the yard. The Burn Ban probably can't be lifted a moment too soon. However, even if your pile is taller than your house and you have taken all the safety measures to burn safely you are still going to need a permit.

Luckily for people who live in Esopus the Esopus Fire Department is prepared to hand out permits tomorrow (Saturday, May 16). Chances are if you contact your local fire department they are doing something similar. The Esopus Fire Department notified people today via Facebook what they will need to do to get a permit. And you do need a permit.

Burning debris can be a very efficient way to get rid of unwanted brush and non toxic materials. However, being responsible when burning is also imperative. Taking your local fire departments advice on this is very important, after all they will be the folks you have to call when you accidentally set your yard on fire by not following their suggestions.

And this goes without saying but I feel like I should throw it in anyway. You don't need a gallon of gas to start your controlled burn and burning your ugly old furniture is a big no no. It is one thing if it is Grannies old wood rocker but if it Uncles John overstuffed recliner you are just asking for a toxic flame disaster.

Good luck and remember our local fire departments are on the front lines right now with the COVID 19 pandemic let's not have them running to your house because you got over enthusiastic with your first burn of the season. Be Safe.

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