It's a new viral trend and we thought it would be fun to get in on the fun.

According to Mashable, I guess last week some guy named Dan McDaid posted an idea on twitter that has gone everywhere. He is what he asked: What if the last thing you texted is what goes on your tombstone?

Could you imagine? We could so Jess and I opened up our phones and decided to let you guys know what our tombstone would say. For me the last text I sent was to my wife "His throat was red thou". WOW that doesn't look good. So you know that text was about my son being sick yesterday. LOL.

For Jess it was "the mister 845 hashtag kills me". HUH? Jess said it was a text to one of her friends talking about an Instagram post. I think that would be great on her tombstone.

Wanna play along? Take a look at you phone, what is the last thing you texted? Let us know on Facebook or call the show at 845-242-6260.

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