Let's face it, life can be hectic and most of us have been burning the candle at both ends.  As a result, the amazing Martha-Stewart-like July 4th blow out shindig you had planned, may not happen this year. You don't have to scrap all of your plans though, you can still have some fun and festive decorations and party foods ready, with a little help from a few of my friends on YouTube.

If you have all of your decorations done and your food is already in the spare refrigerator, please keep that to yourself, there's no need to hurt the rest of us.


Shannon shows you how to make adorable patriotic soap popsicles plus a healthy edible version.


Jessica is high energy and has some fun ideas. Just a few thoughts as you watch this video, if you are crunched for time instead of baking the cake or cupcakes, simply pick some up with white icing at your favorite bakery department. Then you can have all of the fun doing the extra decorating yourself or with your kids.


If you like to dress in the spirit of the holiday, here's a fun video from Callie for July 4th tennis shoes. You'll be the hit of your party in these.


If you are a little more advanced in the cake decorating department, this would be very cool. I would show you the picture of my cake, but since it bears absolutely no resemblance to her final product, we should just leave it to the experts.


However you decide to celebrate or decorate, take some pictures and share your ideas with me

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