July fourth is a time to celebrate, whether you hit the beach, a local parade, a backyard barbecue, or one of the many firework displays planned for the Hudson Valley, there's a lot of ways to have fun and let loose. Part of your holiday weekend plan may also include a few adult beverages, and that's fine, just please, don't drink and drive.

Make a plan before you start drinking, have a designated driver, call a taxi, find out if your location has a community sober ride program, and if you see a drunk driver on the road, call the police, you could help save a life.

The July Fourth holiday has, unfortunately, a history of being a deadly weekend in terms of driving while drunk or driving under the influence. According to the New York State Police, last year they issued nearly 10,500 vehicle and traffic tickets during the Fourth of July holiday. Troopers arrested 240 people for DWI and investigated 152 crashes, which resulted in three fatalities and 248 injuries.

The NY State Police will be increasing patrols to crack down on drunk and drugged driving as well as any other traffic violations. These Sobriety Checkpoints, and other means of special enforcement efforts, to help keep our roadways safe this holiday weekend have already begun and will continue until Thursday, July 5.

By all means, enjoy your holiday weekend, but please be smart and don’t drink and drive. Your life and the lives of those you love may depend on it.

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