I'm almost positive that if you grew up in the Hudson Valley, that at some point during your summer you have made a trip up to Lake George.

Tour Boat Capsizes On Lake, Killing 20
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With it's down home vibes and vacation style, Lake George is one of the most popular places to vacation across the United States. TripAdvisor conducted a poll about summer vacations and came up with the 50 top stops, Lake George came in at number 3. So last week when it was announced that Lake George Beach would have a delay in opening, people started to worry about their vacation plans. According to the DEC Lake George Beach had showed 360 colonies of E.coli per 100mL, which goes beyond the Department of Health's guideline of 235 colonies of E.coli per 100 ml.

Luckily for us, the problem has been solved. The DEC conducted an investigation that included testing for different bacteria and sources that could have caused the e.coli contamination. Lake George Beach will be opened on Saturday June 17th, daily, until Labor Day. You can keep up with Lake George Beach updates through the DEC.

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