Everyone seems to be getting ready for their summer vacations and letting their employers know when they'll be out of the office. Some will be heading out of the country, others out of the state and some stay put right here in the Hudson Valley.

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TripAdvisor named the Top 50 Hot Spots in America for this summer and a few places in the top 10 are a car ride away from the Valley.

If you grew up in the area, you know heading to Lake George is pretty much a tradition. Lake George comes in at number 3 on TripAdvisors' Hot 50 list. The small shops along the lake along with the history and every day activities definitely make Lake George a perfect spot to take a road trip to this summer.

Not only did Lake George make the list, but our southbound neighbors made the list too. New Jersey racked in three of the top 10 spots including Cape May at number 10, Ocean City, N.J. at number 2 and Wildwood Crest, N.J. coming in at the number one.

The report goes into detail about the best weeks to travel domestically and how you can save while staying at some of the more highly rated hotel destinations. According to the survey, from TripAdvisor, 49% of people will plan a trip to the beach and or ocean and 44% will plan a trip to a city destination.

What will you be doing this summer? Will you be hitting one of the Top 50 Hot vacations spots in the US?

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