Truck drivers across New York should expect more roadside checkpoints this week as the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Road Check is underway.

If you or someone you know drives a commercial vehicle you are well aware that at random times during the week, the folks at the Department of Transportation (DOT) will randomly set up roadside checkpoints that require all trucks to pull off the road to have their trucks inspected to make sure everything regarding the truck and its driver are in order.

Truck Inspections

DOT Inspections

Most DOT inspections in New York are conducted by New York State Troopers, along with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), and will normally involve inspectors checking that equipment on each truck is working properly. They check the braking system, lights, tires, battery, and more. At some checkpoints, they will also check to ensure the cargo on the truck is secured properly and that it is not overweight.

Officers will talk with the driver and check the driver's credentials including driver logs, medical cards, and more. If everything is in order the officers will send the driver and the truck on its way, if not, they will oftentimes issue citations to the driver.

Yearly CVSA’s International Road Check Scheduled

This year CVSA's International Road Check is scheduled for May 14th through May 16th so truck drivers should expect more checkpoints across the country. The yearly road check initiative is a high-visibility, high-volume commercial motor vehicle inspection, and regulatory compliance enforcement program that takes place over three days in Canada, Mexico, and the United States according to CVSA.

Truck Inspections

What to Expect

If you happen to stop at one of the checkpoints this year expect the CVSA-certified law enforcement personnel to verify compliance with federal, state, provincial, or territorial regulations. Inspections will take place at weigh/inspection stations, temporary sites, and mobile patrols this year and will have two focus areas this year. This year, International Road Check will focus on alcohol and controlled substance possession and tractor protection systems.

Drunk Driving

The road checks similar to many checkpoints will look to make sure the driver isn't under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances while on duty and will also serve as a reminder to motor carriers to establish and strictly enforce clear policies to prevent controlled substance and alcohol possession or use in the workplace.

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In addition, they will focus on the tractor protection systems, in hopes of increasing awareness for drivers, motor carriers, technicians, and enforcement personnel of these critically important vehicle components including the tractor protection valve, trailer supply valve, and anti-bleed back valve. If drivers would like to make sure their truck's tractor protection system is operating properly they can follow the how to properly check tractor protection systems steps online here.

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