The month of July will be the start a busy time of year for astronomical events. The first of four Supermoons just occurred July 3, and astronomers say the next several weeks will remain pretty active for skywatchers across New York state.

The Weather Channel says our chance to see a meteor shower will arrive by late July. The last really notable meteor shower was the Eta Aquarids, which peaked in early May.

Alpha Capricornids

TWC says that the Alpha Capricornids are set to return later this month. The Alphas were created anywhere from 3,500 to 5,000 years ago, when about half of the parent comet 169P/NEAT disintegrated.

TWC says that the best chance to view the meteor shower is after 12 AM July 31, where you could get some "amazing views emanating from the Capricornus constellation."

Stanislav Gvozd
Stanislav Gvozd

This will be one of the year's lighter displays though, as you'll only be able to view around 3 to 5 meteor per hour, according to astronomers.

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More Meteor Showers 

The Alphas are actually one of three meteor showers gracing the skies this month, as both the Piscis Austrinids and the Southern Delta Aquariids are also due. However, the Aquariids are mainly seen in the Southern Hemisphere, while the Austrinids will peak during the afternoon for those living in India.

Meteor Spotted Falling Over Parts of New York State [VIDEO]

New York state is one of the top states in the country for reported cases of unidentified flying objects. But many times these sightings have perfectly logical explanations. And while some of these objects in the night sky may indeed come from space, they're not necessarily piloted by otherworldly beings.

The American Meteor Society received reports of a spectacular fireball over New York in August 2022. One witness from Palmyra, New York was able to capture the fireball on his dashboard camera in the clip attached. Live Science said that around 120 reports were filed around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to the AMS about the meteor.

Palmyra is a small town located in Wayne County.

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