A popular airline has announced they are cutting routes from select New York airports including at Westchester County Airport.

JetBlue Airways has announced that they have begun an adjustment process to help increase the airline's profits after its failed attempt to purchase Spirt Airlines according to CNBC. The adjustment process will include eliminating certain flights from various New York airports.

JetBlue Airlines in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
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JetBlue Eliminating Westchester County Airport Route

Many travelers in the Hudson Valley will often look at flights in and out of the two airports that are closest to where we live before we book a trip to places like Florida and Martha's Vineyard. If you have used the Westchester County Airport to fly to Martha's Vineyard in previous trips be aware that the airline has announced they are removing that route from the airport along with similar route removals from a few other New York airports.

Jet Blue To Begin Operations At O'Hare Airport
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JetBlue Cutting New York Flights

JetBlue recently sent out an enteral memo to staff making them aware of route cuts at some New York airports including the Westchester route cut mentioned above. They also said they will stop flying from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) to Portland, Oregon, (PDX) and to San Jose, California (SJC). They are also planning to suspend service from New York to Ponce, Puerto Rico, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sometime in October. JetBlue will also plan to exit the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport at some point but the memo didn't say when.

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The memo, sent by JetBlue vice president of network planning and airline partnerships Dave Jehn said,

"We can’t fly everywhere we’d like, so we need to be highly selective about where we point our aircraft in order to turn a profit, support our overall network strategy, and offer a reliable operation."

The memo went on to say that the airline is dropping less popular routes and will instead focus on vacation/leisure routes, including the addition of service throughout the Caribbean and to Paris.

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