It's Monday and most of us are enjoying the day off due to the Fourth of July holiday.

The City of Poughkeepsie as seen from the Walkway Over the Hudson

CJ and I were in studio today to get everyone ready for all the fireworks and barbecues tomorrow. We also went over what we did over the weekend and both of us were pretty busy, you can hear more about CJ's weekend with our Three Things video below. I figured I would share with you my adventurous weekend exploring the Hudson Valley.

If you're a frequent listener you know I like the outdoors. I try to find new hiking trails to visit every weekend, however this weekend I decided to change things up. A friend of mine found a great deal on a kayaking tour. I was in. We went down to Mountain Valley Guides in Cornwall and headed down to the river. I've kayaked once before, on the Charles River in Boston and it was a ton of fun.

In the calmer parts of the river, I felt like a pro. My kayak was going in the right direction, it was smooth sailing. As soon as my kayak hit the strong current and powerful wind it had a mind of it's own and I started drifting further and further from the tour group. The tour guides, Ben, Ben and Brian were super helpful and towed me to  the area around Bannerman's Island. And then had to tow me back.

It was an adventure to say the least, but I would 100% do it again. Mountain Valley Guides offers regular kayaking tours, sunset tours and Pints & Paddles which brings you to Beacon and Newburgh where you can enjoy a cold one at Two Way Brewery and Newburgh Brewing Company.

Authors Note: I have no videos or pictures because I was trying to be responsible and not drop my phone in the Hudson.


Bonus Video


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