Perhaps some of us in the area have been taking for granted the fact that we can get our hands on a Crunchwrap fairly easily, as we live or work within close proximity to a Taco Bell, but this isn't the case for the entire Hudson Valley.

This particular area of Greene County has apparently been asking for Taco Bell for quite some time, and this week they finally got what they wanted...but not without a bit of drama first.

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Yo Quiero Taco Catskill

Just in-queso you didn't know, for the past several years, members of the Town of Catskill community have been asking (and some, begging) for a Taco Bell in town. Back in 2018 it was reported that the Village Planning Board finally approved the plan to bring the popular chain restaurant to Catskill, but it never happened...

Fast forward to March of 2021, the board again came through with Taco Bell approval, this time for an extension of the go-ahead for the project, with construction scheduled to begin during that summer. The Catskill location isn't your average Taco Bell location though, clocking in a just over 1,500 square feet with a smaller dining area and a drive-through that can accommodate only five to six vehicles.

Taco Bell To Hand Out Free Tacos And Donate Funds To Childhood Hunger Campaign
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After more delays, the wait is over, and as of Wednesday December 20th, Catskill officially has their Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell's Soft Open at 170 West Bridge Street Catskill

Located at 170 West Bridge St. (Route 9W), Taco Bell launched with a soft (shell) opening on Wednesday, but ended up having to delay their start time due to reported staffing issues.

Catskill Community Forum
Catskill Community Forum

It was nacho average Wednesday, as members of the Catskill Community board on Facebook were less than thrilled with the delay, sharing their thoughts on a thread that had more than 120 comments on it regarding the fast food location. Seems like it may have been a slow news day in Catskill, as several other threads (and lots of jokes) popped up on the Community Board regarding the big opening:

Catskill Community Forum
Catskill Community Forum

Taco-bout disappointing, one community member shared that he tried to be among the first to support the new location, but upon arrival, found cones up blocking access. It seems like employees finally showed up, and the excited people of Catskill (some who waited more than an hour in line) were able to get their fix.

Congratulations, Catskill; you can finally live outside the bun!

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