Would it surprise anyone that National Black Cat Day is celebrated in October? This coming Saturday October 27th is National Black Cat Day and according to the National Days Calendar it purpose when it was established was to help these ebony felines get adopted. Cat Protection an animal charity in the United Kingdom founded the day to bring attention to the fact that black cat adoption rates were lower than other colors.

Felix, Sylvester and Bnix are just three of the thirteen famous cats that I Heart Cats wrote about in an online article by Karen Tietjen. Cat Woman actually even made the list but I do feel that she is a bit of a stretch.

Their are many breeds of black cats in the world and according to wikipedia there are 22 recognized breeds of black cats. The Spruce reports in it's 5 fascinating black cat facts that black cats are good for your love life and are witch's BFF's. According to Chewy.com black cats were once considered good luck but fell out of favor in the "Dark Days" of the Middle Ages.

The sad fact is that many cats go unadopted in shelters every year and this leads to them being euthanized. The even sadder fact ids a large percentage of them are black cats. The idea of recognizing National Black Cat Day is the hope that is you are thinking about getting a cat that you will consider adoption and hopefully adopt a Black Cat.

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