Friday is going to be a rocking night at the Taste of Country Music Festival and it seems mother nature is going to add a back drop. It just so happens that Friday is June's full moon. This moon referred to by some as the Strong Sun Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon and it will actually light the night sky both Thursday and Friday. But don't leave your flashlight at the campground because even though it is a full moon it is also a "Mini Moon".

It turns out that the moon we will have hanging over us this weekend is the smallest full moon we will have all year. But will it really matter that it's so small once your at Taste of Country? There will be so many awesome country stars some of us may miss the moon all together.

CJ and Jess will be starting things early on Friday with Breakfast at Twin Peaks Coffee and Donuts and then it is onto Ronni MacGregor's Pub for the kick off party with Arctic Adventures. Hopefully you can catch us at both places for your chance to win cool stuff including this year's limited edition Wolf Taste of Country T-shirt.


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