When we tell you we're having a great time at the Taste of Country Music Festival, we're not exaggerating.

Yesterday was absolutely insane with our Friday TOC kick off. CJ and I started things off at Twin Peaks Coffee and Donuts, then made our way over to Ronni MacGregors Pub and handed out some of our limited edition Wolf TOC tshirts. They're pretty rad. Once we got up to the mountain things took off pretty quickly. We chatted with RaeLynn, met some of our amazing listeners and sat down with Maddie and Tae.

By the time we talked with the ladies, CJ and I had spent all day together...which was way too long. We needed a little mediation and Maddie and Tae were the ones to do it:

If I'm not in on Monday morning, I'll be on the road with Maddie and Tae.


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