If you were at the Taste of Country music festival this past weekend up at Hunter Mountain everything was going great, the weather was perfect, the party was going strong.

We had amazing performances from Chris Young, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Maddie and Tae and a ton more, then we got the bad news.

Sam Hunt had to cancel his appearance on Sunday due to illness, not due to Jess kidnapping him. Take a look as Jess and I try to sort it all out and possibly get a statement from Sam....

Ya know things happen and what's done is done. I do hope that Sam can figure out a way to make it up to all his fans that waited all year to see him.

Like we have been saying all day today, it was an amazing weekend and we can't let this ruin what a great time we all had and if you missed it next year we get to go to CHURCH together. YES Eric Church is the 2018 Taste of Country Music Festivals first headliner!!

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