I don't have a navigation device or app in my car but today I wish I did. I actually don't really use navigation. I prefer paper maps. I do look up addresses on Google before I go somewhere mostly so I can pick the smallest back roads to get there, I love the blue routes. Today, however I am wishing I had the WAZE app so I could download their newest voice for my next road trip. Today WAZE announced that Keith Morrison of NBC's dateline is the new WAZE voice choice.

Even if you don't watch dateline I can't imagine you aren't a fan of his voice. His narrations on Dateline make the show. I can only imagine how awesome it would sound having his voice navigating you down a lonely back road. Of course it might make it a bit scary as well, after all some of those dateline mystery's leave you looking behind the couch. This news from WAZE today might be why I finally upgrade my phone.

Classic Keith in this "Forced Friendship" skit with Seth Meyers.

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