The story of a missing woman, who was last seen near the Hudson Valley, is now getting national attention.

Back on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 the New York State Police barracks in Catskill asked the public for their help. They were trying to locate a missing woman who was last seen in the Village of Catskill.

29-year-old Alicia Kenyon was last seen shopping at Walmart in Catskill on March 19, 2021. Kenyon is described as being 5'6" and 160 pounds.

Police shared an update in the case when Kenyon was spotted on video surveillance at the Stewart's Shop in Saugerties on March, 20, 2021. Here's a screen shot from the security tapes:

New York State Police
New York State Police

Alicia Kenyon's disappearance caught the eye of NBC's Dateline. They have shared Kenyon's photo on social media, spoken to her family and gave us new information on what police know.

The newest piece of information shared by Dateline is that there has been no contact from Kenyon's cellphone or through her bank account.

Alicia's younger sister Amy spoke to Dateline and told them that Alicia is a "sweet, shy, playful person who sees the best in people" adding that Alicia was an aspiring author who loved to create art and music.

Amy Kenyon told Dateline:

We just want to know that she’s safe. We’re so thankful for everything the community has done to make that possible.

New York State Police shared that Alicia was last seen wearing a blue jacket and dark camouflaged pants.

If anyone knows Alicia's whereabouts or has had contact with her, New York State Police are asking that they reach out to the  State Police in Catskill at 518-622-8600.


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