It is called the Christmas Pickle. Maybe you have heard of this tradition. Late on Christmas Eve someone will hide a "pickle" ornament on the Christmas tree. It is always placed somewhere on the tree where it will be tough to discover. Being green like the tree it can often be hidden in plain sight. So what is this tradition? Why would anyone go to such great length to hide a silly ornament?

Well supposedly this is a German tradition that says the first child to discover the Christmas Pickle on the tree will receive an extra present from St Nicholas. Truth is most Germans know nothing about this Pickle Christmas tree tradition. Apparently it is one of those stories that is more fable than fact. If you do research on the Christmas Pickle you will discover none of the stories add up and there is even a terrible story that reads like a scary fairy tale with no happy ending. So I say take my word for it and just have fun with this whimsical idea.

It must be fun or there wouldn't be a Christmas Pickle video. Spoiler alert: a pickle does get hurt in the making of this video.


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