Nothing says romance like pickles. Wait, what?

According to the Today Show the pickle bouquet is the hottest gift this Valentines Day. Yes, you read that right. A pickle bouquet.

Instead of sending your valentine flowers, why not send them a bundle of pickles? Who needs sweet when you can have savory, sweet or sour?

I think in years past there were flowers made of bacon and bouquets made of pizza, so pickles is completely normal.

The Today Show reports that Grillo's Pickles in Boston is the brain behind the pickle bouquet. Grillo's has a step by step instruction guide to follow on how exactly to make a pickle bouquet. Of course they recommend getting Grillo's pickles, which can be purchased at several Hudson Valley supermarkets.

Put a local spin on your pickle bouquet. Pick up some of your favorite pickles from Spacey Tracey's, Perry's Pickles or Gary's Pickles.

Don't  leave yourself in a pickle this Valentine's Day. Get to making your pickle bouquet!

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