The cool thing about all of us starting to eat better is that you can now go into your local market and find fresh and interesting foods readily available. Growing up my Mom always cooked dinner even though she held down a full time job. I will admit she opened a can or two. And frozen veggies were always in the freezer. Birdseye was my Mom's go to veggie stand. The main reason for that was the simple fact we didn't have access to the fresh food then that we do today.

The one thing my Mom was never shy with was her spices. We must of had a McCormick's jar of everything. The one spice I remember always sitting in the cabinet but barely remember ever seeing my Mom use was the Thyme. She must of put it on something but it always seemed to be the jar that never emptied.

When I started my own kitchen I loaded up on McCormick spices just like good old Mom. Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon, Garlic, Onion powder even Celery Salt but I didn't purchase any Thyme. I figured why get it when I never knew where to use it. Fast forward to me eating at a friends house and me asking what is this great flavor in the chicken? And her response "fresh thyme." Then there was the brunch with an amazing quiche and once again the flavor that made the dish, fresh thyme.

It seemed for a year or two every time I fell in love with a recipe, somewhere on the list of ingredients was fresh thyme. To me it make everything taste like spring. This would also be about the time that I discovered the fresh herbs and spices in the grocery store. Then at my favorite farm market I found the actual plants. So don't be me, don't take 30 plus years to figure out how to use Thyme or any other spice for that matter. And when you do take the plunge try it fresh from the plant.

Fresh thyme is available from spring to fall in New York. Click here for a seasonal guide from The Spruce.

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