She is looking from advice from you!

It's Wednesday and time for another therapy session on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show. Every Wednesday we open up our email and pick one email that we have gotten from someone just like you, who is looking for some advice.

We call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" and this week we left it up to you to choose which email we read on the air. It was either the mom hating her teenagers friends or the woman being pushy for an engagement. You guys voted and the winning email was the "pushy engagement".

The email that was sent in said, "Hey guys my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years, which have been good so far and I think he is the one. My issue is, I know that he bought me a ring a few months back but for some reason, he hasn't asked me yet and I'm tired of waiting. I'm thinking if I start using reverse psychology and telling him and other people we are in front of that I don't care if we ever get married, that it might push him to go ahead and propose to me. C'mon!!! Someone needs to light a fire under his butttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! Am I wasting my time?"

What do you guys think? Wasting her time? I think we can all agree that the one thing we think this woman should start to try and practice is.....PATIENCE! Right? Call or text us through the Wolf app with your best advice for this lady and be listening all morning long for your comments.

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