Our "We Gotcha Wednesday" email has a midlife crisis.

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we dim the lights, get comfy on the couch and light a few candles as we turn our studio into a therapists office.

We get emails all the time asking for some help with all kinds of different problems and this week we have a husband that thinks his wife is having a "mid life crisis" and hes not sure how to deal with it. Maybe you can help, here is what he wrote to us...

"My wife is having a “mid life crisis” and is quitting her job. She has been working at the same place for 20 years, and has never complained about it until recently and earlier this week she decided to quit. She makes great money where she is, and I’m mad at her for doing this. She’s quitting her job to focus on her writing and she’s thinking about going back to school. My wife is 46, by the time she finishes school she’s going to want to retire. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. I make good money, but I don’t think it’s fair that I have to be the bread winner just so she can pretend she’s 22 and in college again. We have 3 kids who are all in high school, and one will be attending college in the fall.

Shouldn’t my wife just suck it up and deal with her job? We all have to do stuff we don’t enjoy, it’s a part of life."

I have to be honest, this is a hard one. I do think that just like most problems, they need to sit down and really talk about it before she goes and quits. As my therapist always says, "CJ, did you make a list of the pros and cons?".

How do you guys think our husband friend should handle his issue? Call the show with your advice at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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