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Every Wednesday we turn the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show in to your therapists office, tackling all kinds of different issues that listeners just like you are dealing with. Yup, we call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" where Jess and I grab one of the emails that we received from fans of the show looking for advice from not just us, but you as well.

This weeks email is from a mom who thinks her husband might be a little crazy. Here is what she wrote us...

"Guys I’m writing you this knowing damn well that my husband will hear it, but maybe it'll be a wake-up call for him. Our son is 9 years old. He loves playing outside with his friends, he loves reading and of course fortnite. My husband has insisted that our son play baseball, because my husband played, and was great. Our son is also very good, but he hates baseball. He cries every time he has a game, and it just breaks my heart. I talked to my husband about this, and he just shrugs and says “Oh well. He has to play. He needs to be involved in sports. It’s good for him. The only reason he doesn’t want to play is so he can play video games”. I disagree with my husband; our son just really doesn’t like playing. I think he should be able to be a kid and do what HE wants to do, not what my husband wants him to do. My husband makes him practice more after every practice, and makes him practice catching after every game! It’s embarrassing; we’re always the last to leave the field! I think my husband is psychotic and he needs to chill. Let kids be kids! As a parent, you should never MAKE your kid do something, right?"

Both Jess and I agree that the son needs to at least finish out this season and when it's over both the parents and the son can sit down and talk about what they should do moving forward. We also agree that if the son gives up baseball, he has to find some other sport or something to do besides play video games.

Do you have any advice for this mom? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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