I recently realized that I might have a problem when it comes to throwing away receipts. I can't seem to bring myself to ever throw them away!

Last Monday was just like any other Monday, it was around 5 p.m. and I was driving on route 9 in Poughkeepsie and decided that I was going to stop at the Dunkin' over near Red Lobster for my evening cup of coffee. I do this at least two times a week and this week after I got the coffee and the receipt for my purchase I realized that I have a receipt problem.

I'm a Receipt Hoarder

Is a receipt hoarder a thing? If it's not I'm officially making it something because I think it's something that I have a problem with. After I got my coffee I went to stuff the receipt they give me each time I come into my center console and when I went to open it up I was greeted with about 4,000 receipts from previous purchases. There were so many of them that I struggled to close the damn thing.


Why Do I Keep Every Receipt I've Ever Received?

I think back when I was younger someone told me that you are supposed to keep a receipt after you buy something just in case you need to return it at a later date. For big purchases, I understand keeping them but I have about 3,000 Dunkin receipts and about 1,000 from random places that I will never ever return anything. (Side note: why do places like Dunkin even give us receipts anymore?) In case of having to return is the only explanation I have for my hoarding behavior....LOL!

I was hoping to find at least one person that shares this hoarding issue with receipts but no luck! I did hear from folks that do hoard other random things like Jenny who texted us from Poughkeepsie, "My husband collects napkins not receipts. In every car we have!" Oh know Jenny!! I do the same thing, anytime I get napkins from a fast food place I always stuff them into my glove compartment.

Great now I'm a receipt and napkin hoarder!

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