We probably all have experienced a job interview that we leave saying, "What was that?"  Or, if nothing else, we have heard horror stories about it.

My wife, who has a Masters Degree in Business and has run various successful businesses until we recently decided she would put that career on hold to raise our baby has done many interviews and sat through many as well but recently, had one that was just mind boggling.

Saturday evening we were out to dinner with her parents when she got an email about a bartending job she had applied for on Indeed, asking her if she was available to go in and speak to the General Manager at 9pm.  She agreed and we finished dinner, headed home for her to change and head to the interview.  She spoke to the doorman who called for a manager and the guy walked out, handed her a resume and walked away.  She filled it out and he came back out, looked at the resume and application and said, "ok. we'll look it over and let you know if you're hired or not."  "you know the hours right?"  My wife assured him that she did and introduced herself formally.  The manager just said, 'yeah, I can see that from the resume.  We'll be in touch." and walked away.

She walked to her car and immediately emailed the original person because that wasn't an interview, it was an application.  Why did she need to go 'right away' for that?

'That was the worst interview ever.  I was there all of 15 minutes and 10 of that was filling out the application."

I feel like a lack of respect and consideration of peoples time sometimes falls short.

If you meet someone in public that you are expecting, give them a few minutes.  If you are at a business and someone comes in, as a human being, take a few minutes to speak with them because you never know.  At the very least, explain that you are busy at the time and maybe you can reschedule.

Shake their hand, introduce yourself.  Be personable and professional.

Maybe I'm wrong?

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