IHOP is doing the absolute most to stay relevant these days.

A few weeks ago IHOP teased that they were changing their name. They then announced that after 60 years of being IHOP they were changing their name to IHOB. The company went to social media asking what the "b" could possibly stand for.

Many of us figured it was "breakfast" since they were the International House of Pancakes. It was the most logical answer. However, they went with "burgers." No one was buying it.

Shortly after the IHOB debacle, we found out that it was kind of a joke. They were just promoting their new burger menu selection.

Well now IHOP has made another big announcement. Now you can get IHOP delivered.

According to an IHOP press release to foodnewsfeed.com, IHOP has teamed up with DoorDash that will provide "special packaging that preserves the quality of our food for takeout."

The DoorDash packaging is said to "cut down on moisture while still trapping heat thanks in part to a modular shape."

From now until July 22nd any IHOP/DoorDash orders over $10 will receive free delivery.

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