I think ABC and the cast of the remake of Dirty Dancing owe everyone, but mostly the Catskills an apology.

The Dirty Dancing remake aired last night on ABC and social media did not seem too happy. Abigail Breslin, Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing starred in the made for tv remake that famously takes place at a summer getaway in the Catskills. And according to what I've seen on it has received less than stellar reviews. Our listeners called in this morning to express their displeasure.

Personally, I felt the casting was awkward. When I see Abigail Breslin I think of her as a 8 year old in Little Miss Sunshine not a vacationer who learns how to dance. I also was thrown off that it was all of a sudden a musical? But according to one of our listeners it had been a musical at some point.

While it was a bummer that Dirty Dancing didn't live up to the hype that other remakes have (like Grease) , there was one bright spot that stuck with me after the credits rolled. Lady Antebellum's unmistakeable remake of Bruce Channel's "Hey! Baby!"

You have to find the silver lining somewhere.

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