The leaves are turning and the weather is cooling off. What better way to welcome fall than by going outdoors to enjoy it?

One Hudson Valley town is giving you a chance to acquire a pretty cool patch while exploring their local trails.

The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site shared their list for the 2020-2021 Walkabout Scorecard and Patch for the Hyde Park Trails.

This year if you're looking to explore the Hudson Valley and get acquainted with the great outdoors, the Walkabout will take you to some of the most popular spots in Hyde Park.

You'll be asked to walk the trails at the following locations:

Hopeland Trail
Mills-Noriee River Trail
Mills-Noriee Blue Trail
Dominican Overlook Trail
Vanderbilt Loop
Pinewoods Nature Loop
Hackett Hill Park
Winnakee Preserve Trail
Roosevelt Wood Trail
Roosevelt Farm Lane
Elenor's Walk
Top Cottage Trail

You'll hike along 34 miles of Hyde Park trails. The best part of it all? Once you log all your trails you send it in by mail or digitally and get this fantastic sew on patch:


To take part in the 2020-2021 Walkabout download the Walkabout Trails Scorecard that will help you log your hiked trails. You can use the Hyde Park Trails Map Brochure to find the hikes on the Walkabout list. When it's all said and done you can submit your scorecard to the following locations:Hyde Park Recreation Dept. at Hackett Hill Park
(By appointment: 845-229-8086 x5)
• Vanderbilt Visitor Center
• Val-Kill Visitor Center

For more information on joining the Walkabout visit the Hyde Park Trails website.

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