French Fries

French Fries Can be Healthy
I don't know about you but I like French Fries.  I think if you are talking about fast food ones, McDonald's has the best and of course, who can beat a burger and fries with a beer from Schatzi's Pub but, how healthy are they?
According to experts at Harvard, which I find interesting that someone get…
French Fries of the Hudson Valley
The website Delish came out with the most popular French Fries in each state. New York was more than disappointing, and I know for a fact the Hudson Valley has some great options.
My Weekend Food Hangover
Thank goodness their is a fresh food movement in this country to help us keep better eating habit all week, If left to our own demise we'd live on processed ready to eat junk. Luck for us "good" food is everywhere.