It is no secret that since the COVID-19 pandemic hit many small business along with others have been hit hard economically. The shutdown and then the limited ability to reopen have had a direct affect on many of our favorite business in the Hudson Valley. One industry hit particularly hard is our local full service restaurants.

During the warmer months restaurants were able to serve customers outdoors but now that the weather has turn colder that is harder to do. Many of our favorite restaurants have had to close for the winter due to the fact that they can't seat to capacity. One of the reasons we enjoy a lot of our favorite local restaurant, their intimated atmosphere, is the vary thing that is causing them to close for the season.

Hopefully many of these restaurants will be around later this year when the weather  warms up and dining in can get back to normal. Until then, there is a program available to local restaurants that can help. It is the Raising the New York State Bar Restaurant Recovery Fund. As of today this bar restaurant recovery fund is taking applications. There are eligibility requirements but the fund has 3 Million dollars in reimbursement grants, up to $5000 ear marked to help full service restaurants.

If you know someone with a restaurant or even a bar that had sit down service that is not a chain and has been in business since before March 2019 let them know they may be able to use this program.



The Hudson Valley Is Saying Goodbye To Nearly 35 Eateries

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