I'm never getting my own place, am I? Majority of my friends and I are still living at home. Mind you, we did graduate in the pandemic, and many of us lost our jobs and apartments during that time, so that doesn't help. The way that the housing market is right now, it is not in the favor of some post-graduate mid-twenty year olds. We are currently in a selling market right now. According to FreddieMac, mortgage rates have nearly doubled in the past year and according to Zillow, home values having risen nearly 21% on average. My dad is a real estate appraiser, so he has been seeing a lot of work come through currently. So, if I can't move out right now, at least he is profiting off of this.

WalletHub put out a national ranking of 2022's Best Real-Estate markets, and several New York cities made the cut, including one right here in the Hudson Valley. I should ask my dad what he thinks of these finding.

Hudson Vally City Ranked Among Best Real-Estate Markets

Yonkers, New York made the list at 281, with a total score of 39.52 (the highest score being 81.03). Yonkers ranked 280 in Real-Estate Market and 232 in Affordability & Economic Environment. When broken down by city size (Large Cities, Midsize Cities and Small Cities), Yonkers landed at 92.

Other New York cities which made this list include Buffalo at 231, Rochester at 246, Albany at 261, and New York City at 271

Yonkers was compared to about 300 other cities varying in size, and judged based on 17 ket factors, including housing-market attractiveness, economic strength, median home-price appreciation, and job growth.

You can check out the full list of rankings (and decide where you're now going to move to) on WalletHub.

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