They could be pictures of your Grand Parents getting married in Beacon in 1950. Maybe it is the first trip your parents took to Woodstock, Or maybe it is a photo of the last time everyone got together in Kingston for a family dinner. Whatever the pictures are they are definitely worth preserving for future generations to enjoy.

Do you have old family photos laying around in a box or a drawer? Many of us have old photos we had made back when pictures didn't get stored on phones and other digital devices. Even if you are to young to have ever taken a picture that you had to have developed you probably have at least one box of photos that have been past down by someone in your family.

The drawer those photos are in might seem like a good storage place but the truth is the picture would be better off in a photo album or scrap book. If you are storing them in a box it is even more important that you get them together and make a book for them for safe keeping.

Another thing you want to think about is if the photos have information on them that identify the people and places captured in the moment. All to often we will have a photo that has family members in it but we have no idea who they are or when the photo was taken.

Make a summer project out of collecting up any photos you have laying around and get them in order. If you go to a local craft store or you look online you can find a lot of choices for storing you photos and the information that hopefully someone has scribbled on the back. It is also a good idea while you are making you photo collection a bit more permanent that you make a digital copy of the photos too. It can be as simple as snapping a photo on your cell phone and storing it on your cloud. Make sure you take a picture of the photo and it information on the back.

If you need motivation to get started this Saturday in National Scrapbook Day. Celebrated every year on the first Saturday in May this could make the perfect weekend activity for you and the kids. The Spruce Crafts offers some great ideas on the materials you should get to preserve your old photos. They also have some really good do's and don'ts you may not know about when it comes to keeping photos preserved.


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