If you're a listener of our show, you'll know that I, Jess, am single. As single as a dollar bill. CJ ribs me every now and then about being single, but for the most part I'm okay with it. I'm still young, let me live!

Every day somewhere in the world people are falling in love at first sight. My favorite pick up line is "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?" It never works for me personally, but romantics everywhere believe that one look is all it takes. Sometimes they don't have the courage to approach their love and it becomes a missed connection. Me being me, I decided to give the Hudson Valley Missed Connections thread on Craigslist a look over.

First rule of Craigslist, be prepared to read anything. Whoa. Okay, bleaching my eyes.

But there are some cute stories and I want to try to help these missed connections connect!

AT THE TOLL BOOTH "When is your next shift? I want to cross your bridge and get your number next time around.
You were smiling when i pulled up. People must tell you it's lovely all the time. I mentioned your shocking beauty.
Email me which bridge and tell me something else."

That's a romantic comedy waiting to happen. This one out of Kingston is pretty detailed. Also, it sounds like an episode of How I Met Your Mother :

Seeking Tall Slim White Male I saw Exiting Dominic's Cafe: Was visiting Kingston by the colorful architecture streets where there's galleries, shops, etc. Uptown? Anyways, I was walking into Dominick's cafe and you were walking out and gave me "the look"/eye contact. I was wearing light blue yoga/sweat pants, sneakers and a black and royal blue print floral sweat shirt, red lipstick, had my hair up in a twisted pony tail.

You were wearing a blazer, I believe, dress casually, but dapper. Brown hair, brown eyes. But hey, if you're a tall, slim white male up there (swm), I'm open to blonds with blue eyes too!

I live in NYC but love escaping and am looking to re-locate. I visit family up there too, have a car, so it's no issue.

Were you in Kingston recently at Dominic's? This could be you! Have you ever met or walked passed someone and wish you had gone up to them and said something? Tell us your story on Facebook, maybe we can help you make a Wolf Love Connection.


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