Dog to Be Euthanized Tomorrow Unless We Find It a Home
Does anyone need an adorable and furry friend like Bear? Lets Rally the dog lovers in the community together to help get this little guy a new life. Sadly, this dog will be euthanized tomorrow if it doesn't find a temporary foster or a forever home.
HV Missed Connections
If you're a listener of our show, you'll know that I, Jess, am single. As single as a dollar bill. CJ ribs me every now and then about being single, but for the most part I'm okay with it. I'm still young, let me live!
New Music from Jana Kramer and a Helping Hand
When she's not replacing toasters,laptops and stolen goods for Nation Wide Insurance, Jana Kramer is a hard working country singer song writer. You're probably familiar with her most popular hits 'Why You Wanna' and 'Whiskey.' You might even know her from TV besides the…
True love and your favorite Teddy Bear
When I was 9, my Dad went on a business trip to Canada. He brought me back a brown teddy bear with green glass eyes, a little red mouth, and who was the perfect size for snuggling. I called him Benny, and after all these years(I will not reveal the actual number), he is still with me...