We are smack dab in the middle of summer vacation and the good news is there are seven amazing places you could visit right here in New York State. As a matter of fact one of the seven is right here in the Hudson Valley.

Thanks to the Mohonk Preserve's facebook post sharing Only In Your State's list of the 7 Wonders of the World that are in New York State, I have stumbled across a cool list of places to visit on my next vacation or long weekend. If you are still searching out things to do this summer you must consider one or all seven of the places on this list.

Imagine never having to leave the boarders of New York to enjoy vistas, visit mountains or coastlines, hike beautiful trails and take in amazing caves. We live in such a great state for outdoor activities. Families of all ages are sure to find something for everyone on this list.

Once you have check out the list be sure to scroll to the comments. "Only In Your State" asked people to list place they thought should make the list and after glancing the comments I will be adding a few more to my "NY Visit Bucket List."

Check out this quick video of things here in the Hudson Valley.

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