With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you are running out of time to get something spectacular for the special someone in your life. If you are stuck and need an idea, I may be able to help. The key is to not overthink it.

The pressure on Valentine's Day to find the right gift can be enormous. It can be a difficult decision, especially if you are worried about sending the wrong message. Jewelry is great but can be misinterpreted, especially if someone might be expecting a ring and gets a necklace instead.

Hudson Valley Valentine's Day Gifts

Clothes are never the way to go even if you are thinking of something fun and lacey. Flowers can also be hard. Roses are great but they can be considered too traditional and predictable on this day that focuses on the heart. If you go with the casual flower combination, your Valentine might feel like you grabbed a bouquet from the grocery store. Not that there is anything wrong with that but again, just might send the wrong message.

Lucky Chocolates via Facebook
Lucky Chocolates via Facebook

Hudson Valley, Say I Love You with Fruit and Chocolate From Saugerties, NY

So what can you get for your Valentine that says I care enough to have gotten you the best and it shows that you took time to plan the gift at least a week ahead of time? Simple, chocolate cover strawberries from Lucky Chocolate in Saugerties. Lucky Chocolate strawberries are elegant and delicious, not to mention beautiful.

The Lucky Chocolate strawberry meets all the requirements of a good, albeit a great, Valentine's gift. For one thing, it is candy. It is elegant and delicious candy. It can be a bouquet. You can order the strawberries that come on a stick and have them arranged as a bouquet. Top that one dozen roses, I think not.

Finally and most importantly, it represents the fact that you put thought into the gift because you must pre-order these chocolate-covered delights, or else risk the chance of not getting any at all. Yes, if you wait you might get to the shop at 113 A Partition Street in Saugerties only to discover they have sold out. There is only a limited amount of these goodies made each day. Order yours in advance so you are sure to end up with a pound or two. (845) 247 - 3134.

What are the Best Places to Get Chocolate in the Hudson Valley?

The Best Chocolate Shops in the Hudson Valley

Whether you're looking for a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or special holiday celebration, the Hudson Valley has some of the very best handmade chocolates around. Scroll down to check out these incredible chocolate stores in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties.

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