So it is cold enough that you know you probably don't want to wash your car because you are worried that your car doors are going to find themselves frozen shut, but say you haven't washed the car and the doors still froze, what do you do?

I know that I should never hesitate to go ahead and wash the car when it is all covered with winter road salt, but what if your car is just minding its own business, parked at home or at the work parking spot and the doors freeze?

I spoke with a mechanic friend of mine and he pretty much said, don't stress out, just let the sun hit the car and that will help unfreeze the doors. He also told me to not do the thing where I pull and yank on it all while not wearing my gloves and repeatedly say bad words.

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So I went to some other resources to find out what really to do. I then went on an internet search. Here's the consensus of what I found:

From lifehacker, you can allegedly start in pre-winter weather with a quick visual inspection of the seals around the inside of your door. Then clean them using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Follow up with a dry cloth, wiping down the seals again with the dry cloth. Then apply a silicone lubricant spray, like a WD-40 or Liquid Wrench type of product, to the seal and then using the cloth, wipe it off the seals. Allegedly, you can also use non-stick cooking spray if you don't have the spray silicone lubricant.

As you might remember, we tested a few years ago, the whole spray your snow shovel with cooking spray a few years ago, so we still had a can in the garage.

Will this help us? Well. I have to tell you I am trying these tips now and am hoping that with a once a year, pre-winter touch up, I won't have to deal with frozen car doors.


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