Yes it's a silly question but I need you help in settling an argument with my teenage daughter.

My daughter Julianna LOVES candy corn and this time of year she is beyond excited to eat as much of it as she can! Last weekend as we ripped open a fresh bag and started to eat some of them I noticed that she would eat each piece the same way.

She would start at the narrow end and "munch" her way down to the wider end of the candy. She did it with every piece, so I asked her why she does it and she said its so she can enjoy "every single bite Dad, not like you who just shoves them in his mouth." OUCH!!....LOL! Yes I do shove them in my mouth, just like I do with real corn.

She also mentioned something about the flavor tasting better eating them the way she does...who am I to arguer with a 14 year old's logic, right? WRONG! They don't taste any different no matter what way you eat them!!!

After doing some research, I actually came across a survey that asked people how they eat their candy corn and the results didn't surprise me, but did surprise her..LOL! PR News Wire asked people in a new survey, which end of candy corn they eat first, the wider yellow part, or the narrow white part?

The results said that 29% of people say they start with the narrow white end and 7% go with the wider yellow end. The survey also found out, just like me, 65% just eat the entire thing in one bite.

Now if we are talking about candy corn, yes one bite, but if I'm eating a candy corn flavored "pumpkin", its a totally different ball game. For those I bite every piece in half and then eat each half separately.

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