Here is how the Hudson Valley says to get rid of poison ivy.

Earlier this week I talked about how I came across a poison ivy bush while I was, HMMM..."taking care of business" and now have it all over my legs. I looked for quick remedies online to try and get it under control but nothing was working, so I asked the Hudson Valley if you guys had any remedies that have worked for you in the past.

Once again you folks have proved that when it comes to helping each other out, you are THE BEST fans anywhere. I asked for any secret remedies to get rid of it as soon as possible and was blown away with the help you guys offered up.

If you don't see a remedy that you've used before and want to share it with us, PLEASE send us a text message through the Wolf mobile app and if anything you can learn from me, just hold it in if you have to "go"...until you can use a bathroom...LOL!

Here are just a few of your remedies and please remember, we aren't professionals when dealing with any skin rashes, so BEFORE you try any of these suggestions consult your doctor.

How To Treat Poison Ivy

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