It's all because amazing improvements will be happening to the restaurant. There are so many amazing restaurants in the Hudson Valley, but there are some standouts. I had one friend who raved and raved about Henry's at the Farm and every year she would ask her family if they could have her birthday dinner there. Henry's at the Farm recently made a big announcement and the restaurant will look a bit different for a few days.

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What will be happening at Henry's at the Farm?

Well... right now Henry's at the Farm is located on 220 North Road in Milton, NY. Starting on April 10th, the restaurant will be TEMPORARILY relocating to 30 North Road in Milton. However, they will be reopening back on April 14th at their normal location.

Why is Henry's at the Farm temporarily relocating?

According to their Instagram Page, the restaurant will be undergoing some pretty incredible renovations and that's why they need to relocate for a few days. The post also mentioned that they look forward to seeing everyone and that their phone number and email address will remain the same during the temporary relocation process.

Again, this is JUST TEMPORARY (if I keep saying it I hope everyone will really understand it). They are NOT CLOSING and there are all good reasons behind this. Have you been to Henry's at the Farm before? What's your favorite dish or drink from there? Share your story or picture on the station app.

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