I began to notice something was going on with the water in our bathroom late Sunday evening. By the time I left for work on Monday morning, the water wasn't draining from the sink, but everything else was fine, so I figured that either my husband or myself would deal with it after work. Fast forward to Monday evening, when we discovered that the bathtub wasn't draining either. How does this happen so fast?

My husband bought some super-duper strength chemical product that promised, with the correct application, our drains would be flowing free in 10 minutes.  I can't think of any other way to say this but, they lied. We used the product again, waited the recommended time and still nothing. More lies.

Beth Christy
Beth Christy

I had planned on using my tried and true method of using a combination of baking soda and vinegar, followed by hot water on the drains. It's amazing how many times that has worked and it always made me feel better that I used my grandmother's remedy over buying something from the store.

Now, chemistry wasn't my strongest subject in school, but after all the chemical stuff that was currently sitting in our drain, I didn't dare try this and add anything else.

We crossed our fingers that maybe the drains would magically unclog overnight, but when my husband tried taking a shower this morning and 'stuff' started to come up from the drain, that ended pretty quickly. I would show you a picture, but nobody needs that.

So, here I sit, waiting on the big guns, our plumber, which makes me think. Before you call a plumber, how do you treat clogged drains? Do you have a tried and true method? Any suggestions or advice? Are there things you do to help keep this from happening at your house?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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