If you're a fan of those chalky little hearts that make the rounds each Valentine's Day, you might want to sit down.

The owner of the company that is behind those chalky, colorful hearts and Necco wafers abruptly shut down operations at the company's Massachusetts plant, and it is unclear if candy production will resume.

Round Hill Investments LLC announced that they are selling Necco to another manufacturer and closing the Massachusetts plant.

The company just purchased Necco at a bankruptcy auction in May for $17.3 million. Necco, or New England Confectionery Company, is the country's oldest continuously operating candy company.

The company also makes Mary Jane and Squirrel Nut Zipper candy.

The 230 workers at the Massachusetts plant were shocked when they were told to pick up their final paychecks on Friday.

The company has not identified Necco's new owner.

I hope we don't lose those little conversation hearts forever! How else will my sweetheart know how I feel about her?

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